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'Mander Update

Everybody knows that salamanders are wicked cool. Since you were little, we have all spent hours and hours turning over rocks and logs,...

At Home in Highlands

The students here at Highlands Biological Station arrived a few weeks ago and have been settling into the new landscape, myself included....

Highlands 2021 Semester In Review

With our semester winding to a close and only a month left until final exams, I decided to reflect on our time at the field site so far....

Out of Comfort Zone/ Into the Wilderness

Are you the type of person going to the mountain, taking a picture, stopping at the tourist center, wandering around tourist towns for...

The Smokey's Salamander Meander

A great aspect of the Highlands Field Site program is getting to go outside and apply all that we've learned in the classroom into the...

Science is Hard Sometimes

As scientists (or aspiring scientists, in Highlands IE students’ case), our job is to make sense of what we see around us. Our curious...

Studying a Dying Breed: Hemlock Coring

I, alongside my classmate and research partner, Gus, have been assigned a semester-long individual research project that entails the...

The Elusive Mudpuppies

This past week has been busy for both our internships and capstone. My internship is focused on conducting surveys for the common...

The Insect Diaries

As part of our semester at the Highlands Biological Station, my classmate Noa and I are working on research with the incredible Dr. Rada...


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